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Why is Facebook this Slow to Patch Security Holes?

How secure do you think Facebook is? It turns out Facebook doesn’t even patch holes that were directly reported to them. Even after almost a year of knowing!

Today, LIFARS was contacted by an a developer from India, Vivek Bansal. He told us that about 11 months ago, he managed to hack Facebook and post on other people’s behalf. He reported this to Facebook and was awarded $2000 for his discovery. However, now, almost a year later, the bug is still there, even after Facebook claimed to have patched it by now.

Vivek was surprised to find out recently that he can still hack the social media giant using the very same script he submitted to them. This of course raises questions about how much emphasis giants like Facebook, and possibly others, put on security.

Watch as Vivek demonstrates his attack in the video below:


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