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Exploring Malware: Everyday Cybercrime

Ever wonder how malware spreads, evolves, or how it’s fought against? James Lyne, the Global Head of Security Research at Sophos, a leading security software and hardware development company, takes you on a quick tour of some malware basics. Filled with live demonstrations, simple explanations, and lots of visual data, this TED talk makes for a very enjoyable experience.

For those of our readers currently unable to watch the video itself, here is a few statistics from the presentation. Keep in mind, this video is about a year old, therefore most of these numbers are even bigger today.

There is:

  • About 8 new internet users every second
  • About 250,000 new pieces of malware every day
  • 30,000 new infected websites every day- of which over 80% are small business sites

James then demonstrates how a simple attack can be carried out using 2 computers (attacker and victim) and a USB drive. Later in the video, he describes the process of tracking down a Russian malware distribution operation. Enjoy the video.


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